Due to its sugar content, they can be used for adding to a cream or making reductions and give the finishing touch to many dishes, especially desserts. For example: Liqueur Orange-Lemon with dishes of poultry, Fire for stews  or Coffee Cream for decorating a delicious tiramisu.


Fish combines well with liquor Cheers, given its fruity notes, especially white fish such as cod or it can be added to make a sauce with mustard for a delicious salmon

On the other hand, the herbal liqueur can be added to a dish of hake and love potion to a sole.


The possibilities are many and varied: sirloin with reduced cream coffee, round of beef with a touch of Fire, chicken with lemon liqueur, duck with orange liquor-Limón or Love Potion, a stew of pork  with vermouth...


The souffles, vol-au-vent, etc. they can benefit from new and nice touch that liquors can provide. For example, a cheese souffle with a hint of Apple pie, rice pudding with Coffee Cream, a prawn vol-au-vent with Cheers  in the bechamel sauce, etc.


Because of the range of flavours, On the Rocks liquors, are perfect for a wide variety of desserts: pears in wine (Fire), truffles (cream coffee, Choco-milk), pannacotta (Lemon, Orange-Lemon), etc. ..


The world of baking and pastry is especially grateful to the spirits, whether to bathe a cake, in a few delicious cup cakes, for adding to a glaze, as the basis of bavarois... The only limit is your imagination!


Creamy liquors are ideal to make delicious ice creams and sorbets, although citrus, Cheers, etc., can provide a very original touch


The selection of spirits On the Rocks allows endless cocktails thanks to its wide range of flavors and graduations.

Starting with the family of the classic spirits, their application is simple because of their pure and marked flavors.

On the other hand, special spirits, allow the more experienced mixologists play with multiple combinations and unleash their creativity to create the most spectacular drinks


The boldness and desire to experience are the best allies in harmonizing liquor and food. So below are some of the examples:

Apple liqueur combined with a cheese board, especially Gorgonzola, blue cheese, cured, etc.

Liquor Toast with a white chocolate dipped strawberries

Fire with strips of marinated chicken or a delicious ceviche

The vermouth book with tempura oysters,

And endless etc., because here, as in the art of tasting, the best school is the trial to open up to a new world of flavors, textures and aromas.

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